Tapset Laundry Tags – Washer & Dryer Bundle

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Laundry time just got better! Simply tap the Tapset washer and dryer tags to launch your automatic timer. Never forget laundry again.

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Easily mounts to any magnetic surface with a permanently shield magnet or get your tags with the adhesive backing to stick to any surface.

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Made from recycled heat treated plastic, Tapset tags are durable and waterproof. With a magnetic back you can place the tags conveniently on your washer & dryer machines or get your tags with the adhesive backing to stick to any surface.

  • Tapset Washer & Dryer Tags will always alert you when your laundry is done so you never have to do unnecessary ironing or re-washing again.
  • Simply tap the tag to launch your phone’s built-in Clock app timer & alarm.
  • Never forget your laundry again with Tapset Automated Laundry Timer Tags.

Which phones are compatible?

Works with all major Android phones and iPhones 6s or above. If your phone can make contactless or tap payments, then your phone can work with Tapset tags.

Additional information


35mm x 35mm x 4mm


Freshwater Teal, Ocean Blue




Recycled Plastic + Permanent & Shielded Magnetic Material


Near Field Communication

Mount Type

Magnet, Adhesive

In Box

1x Washer Tag, 1x Dryer Tag, 1x User Manual

16 reviews for Tapset Laundry Tags – Washer & Dryer Bundle

  1. Jennifer Lee (verified owner)

    Bought the bundle for my parents as an early Christmas gift and they love it. It’s a good price and will definitely buy more as gifts.

  2. Marla Finn (verified owner)

    Bought this on a friend’s recommendation. Glad she did. It works great.

  3. Stella H. (verified owner)

    If you’re like me and are the kind of person who forgets about the laundry, this is for you.

  4. Ava De Angelo (verified owner)

    Great Product! Was easy to set up and it tells me when my laundry is done so I can do the next load right away

  5. Patty Taylor (verified owner)

    Hubby almost tossed these in the garbage thinking they were some toy magnets…
    He’s lucky he didn’t.

  6. Anna Onda (verified owner)

    These tags are definitely going to be a big help, especially since I multitask and tend to forget about the laundry occasionally.

  7. Missy (verified owner)

    Wish this had been available years ago. My husband and I would have gotten one of these much sooner.

  8. Thomas P. Cairne (verified owner)

    Really love this. It’s quite the bargain. I honestly never thought that something like this was even available.

  9. Linda (verified owner)

    This is quite useful. I used to forget that I’d even done the laundry and just leave it in there.
    Tapset definitely made life better now.

  10. Rodney H. (verified owner)

    This is just one man’s opinion, albeit a rather satisfied man, but this is certainly among my more favorable purchases, as well as a worthwhile investment.

  11. Keesha Thompson (verified owner)

    My package came so fast! Just started using them and so far they’re good

  12. Jack Croft (verified owner)

    I purchased this about a week ago and it’s just amazing. Worthwhile investment.

  13. Amelia Kent (verified owner)

    I’m writing this review because I think this product is really amazing. I usually rely on reviews when I decide to buy something, but with this particular one it was something of an impulse purchase.
    Worth every penny spent.

  14. Sharon S. (verified owner)

    If you’re someone who forgets that they were doing the laundry, like me, then this is a must have.

  15. Janet Hunter (verified owner)

    Glad I spotted these on Black Friday and not sooner, saved me a bundle on the bundle. 🙂

  16. Darla Carter (verified owner)

    Feels like I’ve got my own personal laundromat now. 🙂

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