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Laundry Tips

4 Affordable Eco-friendly Products you need for your Laundry Room

By May 18, 2022No Comments

Clean, Affordable, Eco-friendly – the perfect trifecta for laundry products. We wear our clothes everyday and don’t think of the harsh chemicals we use to clean them or how much water and electricity it takes. Here’s some products that you can use to help the environment and save you money and time in the long run:

1. Tru Earth Detergent


Detergents carry numbers of chemicals that are unreadable and most harmful to our skin and the environment. Instead try using Tru Earth, a sustainable alternative for detergents that uses strips instead of those big plastic jugs that fill our landfills. This Eco-friendly detergent is gentle and will have your clothes feeling fresher and better.


2. Tapset – Automated Laundry Timer


Save more of your time and energy with Tapset , an automated laundry timer made with recyclable materials that will always let you know when your laundry is ready, even on-the-go. Take these laundry tags anywhere whether to your local laundromat or for your travels. Say farewell to wrinkly, smelly clothes and hello to more time and savings.


3. Natural-Made Dryer Balls


Reduce, reuse and recycle is our motto! No more buying fabric softeners with harsh chemicals when you can use these sheep wool dryer balls that will save your drying time and get your clothes softer in a sustainable way! Want to get your clothes smelling nice? Add a drop of your favorite scent on the dryer balls with essential oils.


4. Metal Lint Roller


 You’re heading out only to realize you cat got fur all over your clothes and you didn’t buy a new lint Roller. Uh oh! With the metal lint roller no need to buy and waste paper. Made of copper that never rusts, this lint roller removes dust and any hair in a simple sweep and you can keep it in your bag. Save more money and the environment.

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